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Brooding  is a very exciting time – The chicks are just beginning to explore  their new life and show and interest in their surroundings. To keep your  beautiful new chicks healthy the correct temperature is paramount at  this stage.

Plan Ahead 

It’s vitally important to have everything ready well in advance  before the chicks are hatched. Have a clean, dry and draft proof area  covered with wood shavings and feeders/drinkers in place.

What type of border?

There are a variety of electric brooders systems both self-contained  and ‘open’ comfort brooders. Self –contained units are perfect for  classroom settings where space is an issue and cleaning and management  is easier. Another major thing to consider is the size of the  self-contained brooders as they are only able to hold a limited amount  of chicks and they soon enough grow!!

Larger alternatives like the Chicktec comfort brooders are beneficial  to chicks as they are able to remove themselves from the heat if they  need to.

Which Infra-Red Bulb?

Infra-Red bulbs are different and knowing the difference plays a big part in your choices.

PAR 38 Bulbs offer excellent durability and efficiency. Hard glass  are resistant to water splashes and ruby versions are more suitable to  poultry as a less intense light which in turn reduces stress levels in  the chicks. On top of this they do not destroy the vitamin B in the same  way a bright white light does.

Ceramic bulbs offer heat but no light making them the best choice for  small birds as when used in conjunction with another light source, they  are able to provide 24 hour heat and normal night patterns which  results in a more restful chick. These bulbs also do not destroy the  vitamin B


Wood shavings are an excellent low cost option for the chicks  flooring. It’s important to never use sawdust as a substitute as dust  will stick to droppings; a dust free option is definitely a must.