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Poultry Nutrition



This is one of the most important parts of keeping Poultry. A well balanced  and varied diet is essential as it provides the correct supplements to  keep them going through all seasons of the year.



Grits  are essential for any poultry keeper. Grits are provided for many  reasons such as aiding digestion, improving eggshell strength, improving  bone strength and also to help feather pecking. They are available in  both soluble and insoluble variations.


Peck Blocks 

These comes in maize/grain blocks, grit blocks and insect blocks. Peck  blocks are not only highly nutritious but they also work as excellent  boredom busters and can reduce feather pecking.


Apple Cider Vinegar 

This formulation has been used by chicken keepers for many years to  support optimal health and well-being. We have the raw form of cider  vinegar and also available with garlic to aid respiration.


Poultry Tonics

There are a varied range of tonics and powders designed to target specifics areas.


Poultry Vitamins.


Vitamin C, Calcium, Prebiotics and more, we have an extensive range to keep your poultry birds in tip top condition.